FreePBX 2.9 extension settings does not allow CF changes

Prior to FreePBX 2.9 we install a module called extension settings from the extended repository that showed all settings and allowed to make changes to CF, DND, etc just like in the user portal.

In FreePBX you provide a nicer module with the same name but less functionality. Can I still install the old module or is there another way to make these changes without going into each user’s portal.

Yes. That works. Thanks.
You still need to change the default password in
but it works. Not very pretty though and slow to load. I really liked the old module. It was clean, did the job and loaded fast.

How come we have 2 modules that do almost the same thing? You wrote the new module which gives a nice overview of the system and links back to the extension but you did not link to the DND, CW, CF settings.

pnlarsson also changed his module to give it more of your functionality but it’s not quite as nice. Seems to me like a lot of duplicated efforts.

As the old Extension Settings (extcfg) is in the contributed repository it is kind of unsupported. pnlarsson made some changes on the module, one that made the mysql getting it’s credentials from amp_conf. The module was never published with those changes.

If you download the module from svn, you should be able to use it on the distro.

DCI - This is what admin mode in the ARI is for, you can over ride a users settings.

I checked and it does not allow any changes to DND, call waiting, etc… unless you login as the individual user. The old extension setting was more practical since you could see everything on one page and make changes on the fly.

I looked at it quickly and it appears that
has to be changed in
to get rid of the sql error but the fields have changed too so for now it does not work though I suspect we’ll can get it to work if we look at the sql fields.

Unfortunately the old module does not work anymore in FreePBX 2.9.
Something about "Could not connect to MySQL"
I don’t suppose you could change your module to work like the old one? It was really useful to view the settings and allow changes to
DND, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding from within the FreePBX GUI

We had many instances where a user sets DND or call forwarding and then complains that he can’t receive calls and this module makes it easy to fix this.

The new Extension Settings is a display only module, it’s purpose is to show the settings when using a lot of extensions, in our case, we have more than 300 extensions.
If you click on the extension number it will take you to the correct extension for editing.

As for the other module, I just noted that it is also called Extension Settings. That is unfortunate and it will probably be renamed.

You can use either module, just disable the “new” one and install the other.