FreePBX 2.9.0rc1.5 enabling Asterisk API causes Asterisk Crash

I restored my system 4 times after trying to enable the Asterisk API under tools. I enter my Manager Name and Manager Secret. Then select the table CDR by checking read only. Then I click ‘submit’. It comes back with the orange confirm and it’s when I click the confirmation that the entire system hangs. I cannot get into the log, cannot cancel the load, nothing works.

I force the Asterisk server down. When it starts back up it goes into continuous cycle of Asterisk error 11, then tries to start, gets 11, then tries to start. I’m using Asterisk version

The only way out that I can see was to restore my Asterisk server from a previous backup. This issue can be easily reproduced as it fails for me every time.

If anyone knows a way around it, it would be great. However, I have a feeling the source code needs to be changed as there is something wrong with it.


I did a quick test to reproduce the crash, it’s actually not a crash, Asterisk simply fails to start as the manager process is critical.

Did you check the full log? A descriptive error is produced in the debug line.

Lastly, it’s import to note that you call then entry in the permit and deny fields an “ip address” that is not correct. The proper argument is a network address. The fields define the network that the manager interface will accept for the user being defined.

A network can be as small as one host with a 32 bit mask ( or as large as the entire IP address space with a 0 bit mask ( and everything in between. Many users choose a 24 bit address space because that is the default for most equipment. This leads to a common gap in the understanding of IP addressing and the purpose of subnet masks.

Hmmm, seems like a bug to me.

To fix it, you must delete your entries from /etc/asterisk/manager_additional.conf, then Asterisk will start again.

You must enter Deny and Permit in the form of:

Or whatever IP-addresses you want to have access to the mananger.

Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know how to correct the situation without restoring.

I had only one IP address under permit. Nothing under deny.

I tried it again but this time I populated something under the deny and it seemed to work! So the bug is the system does not issue an error message if you leave the deny field blank.

Thanks again,

Ticket filed #5097

Thanks so much for all of this information. I looked at Asterisk before finding this and I wasn’t going to touch it because it looked so convoluted. I downloaded FreePBX a week ago and haven’t used Asterisk before. I have to say the FreePBX GUI interface is extremely intuitive. What a great job people did putting this together.

I have not looked at the full log because I didn’t know there was such a thing. I’ll do some searches on that to find where it is located.

Thanks for the tip!