FreePBX 2.8 / Queus / Extensions and just a major overhaul --

Good Evening

Well it's come time to do a major overhaul of one of the boxes I support (FreePBX 2.5.2) is going to 2.8 and Asterisk is jumping into the 1.8 waters at the same time, I might even go 2.9 depending on other surrounding issues. 

 I have already seen a few things my brain is not paging back into place real well, as I built this box a long time ago.  

 ** I have mostly Zap-Dids (It should probably be updated to be called (Dahdi-Dids) for a bunch of Channels, that get routed to call Queues.  So first issue is I thought there was a way to not play the Join message in an Agent is open and available, just route the caller through? I had been using a Ring Group that fell through to the Queue but that is not as elegant.

  ** Second issue  some calls go directly to the Five Agent Extensions,  Because of the Static Queue entry there is no VM or Follow Me, but that means even when the Extension is in DND this direct (Usually call backs) just ring forever. Work around is a secondary extension appearance that CFNA forces te call to one of the queues. But I would like a more elegant solution possibly here as well if anyone has found anything.

  ** Lastly on a queue there is a "Failure" option / route.  But based on the rules establish I don;t think a call can ever get there. Any ideas on how I test the logic ??