FreePBX Auto Delete Voicemail after clicking Forward


We use FPBXIAF for our business.
If someone can’t get through they leave a message. Recently customers are complaining that nobody is calling them back even though they leave a message. So what I want to do it this:

  1. I know how to remove the delete button from the VMAIL GUI so this will be the first step:
  2. Agents will forward the voicemail to an “Actioned mailbox” after the call is returned. This way we can figure out why calls are not being returned if some complains we never called them back.
  3. The forwarded voicemail will be automatically deleted from the current mailbox it resides in after forward is clicked on the GUI.

Another idea I had is the delete button never deletes a VMAIL but moves it somewhere else and then auto deleted from the ‘hidden’ location after 30 days. I could do this using cron. This way operators are non the wiser that we are keeping a close eye on things.

I need assistance with step 3 or similar ideas,

Any hints and tips greatly appreciated.