Freepbx (asterisk ? ) locking up

I have a unbuntu linux running:

Ubuntu 10.10

Phones: Linksys SPA-942s

We have a small office phone system and the last few days the system seems to lock up. The Freepbx webpage shows everything is okay, but the phone’s lights are orange instead of green and there is no dial tone. All 5 phones on the network are off.

If I go into /var/log/asterisk/full there are no error messages, anywhere around the time it locked up and the only error I find is about the SPA3102 trying to register, but that happens all day log with no consequence.

If I do a “service freepbx restart”, it will sit on “Stopping Asterisk” and will just sit there for a few minutes.

I then issue a Ctrl-C and "ps aux | grep asterisk, kill -9 the two asterisk processes; and it will then let me do a “service asterisk restart”

I have a 225 gig hard drive that is 10% full. No other errors logged in /var/log/asterisk/full.

Can someone please tell me where to look for errors?



‘service freepbx restart’ or any other command using service won’t do anything as FreePBX does not run as a service nor put a script in /etc/rc.d/init.d

Is Asterisk running when you have these issues? Go to asterisk CLI and do a ‘sip show peers’