FreePBX Gizmo5 Integration no longer supported?

When I click on the Gizmo integration link in FreePBX I get a Fatal Error:


function: core_routing_getroutenames has been deprecated and removed

Is this no longer being supported?

I am using PIAF (PBX in a Flash) along with Incredible PBX and Asterisk 1.8, I’ll check their forums again, thanks for the information.

I’m not familiar with any gizmo integration that was ever supported by FreePBX.

However, anything that was doing anything with Outbound Routes and trunks (as appears to be the case here) would have had to do appropriate migrations for 2.8. There are some other third party modules that have not been updated as well for 2.8 so it sounds like this is one of them.

If you have any author information, maybe you can contact them and see if they can make the needed updates. All of the supported FreePBX modules that were effected were upgraded.