FreePBX to 2.10 Migration

I have been tasked with migrating a VERY old trixbox PBX to a new FreePBX install.

The admin before me had been doing FreePBX module upgrades along the way so the FreePBX side of the install was fairly recent at It is a rather involved configuration and I would rather not copy it all over manually.

I have exported all the extensions with the bulk extensions module. Is there any tool out there that I can use to move the IVR’s, Queues, etc? I tried a backup and restore, and while it looks as if it is restoring no changes are actually ever made. Any help would be appreciated.

Backup and Restore will work if your on the same version of FreePBX, however restoring a 2.8 backup to FreePBX 2.10 is not supported. With that said you may want to setup your new box with FreePBX 2.8, do the backup and restore from the old box and then upgrade.

As for tools available for migrating things other than extensions and dids, there are none at this time.

Thank you for your reply. I will try that.