FreePBX 2.6.0.beta2.0 - Trunk descriptions disappear after upgrade

When upgrading from, I noticed that all of my trunks lost their ‘Description’ Field, though the information was still displayed in the ‘Delete’ link (above General Settings), allowing me to manually re-enter the information.

Make sure to clear your browser cache and reload the page.


can you be more clear what you mean by lost their description?

The “Trunk Description” field is new, it was not present prior to 2.6. I thought that I defaulted it to the trunk name if nothing was there but I may be mistaken, Thanks for the additional details.

Philippe -

Want a ticket open on this? Does not display trunk name after upgrade. No functional impairment.

Ditto: I’m seeing (or not seeing as is the case) this problem too.

On the SETUP > TRUNKS page, at the far right side, BELOW the “ADD TRUNK” button, the existing trunks are listed vertically. Under 2.5, it displayed TECHNOLOGY - TRUNK NAME (§). After the bump to 2.6.0.beta2.0, it displays TECHNOLOGY only.

(§) Where TRUNK NAME is/was, under 2.5, what is/was entered on the EDIT TRUNK page in TRUNK NAME field (just under the “Outgoing settings.”


@2.5.n: SIP - MYTRUNK


@2.6.0.beta: (custom)
@2.6.0.beta: (sip)
@2.6.0.beta: (zap)


I see the issue.

One needs to fill in the NEW (2.6) TRUNK DESCRIPTION field v.s. relying solely on the TRUNK NAME field.

Now it displays,





hmm sounds like a couple of issues, as far as FOP is concerned:

#3291 and #3835

grab the new retireve_conf and retrieve_op_conf_from_mysql.php from svn 2.6 branch if you can’t wait for me to roll a new module upgrade with those in it which should be coming within a day or two.

as far as the trunk page is concerned, if it was putting blank descriptions, please file a bug with details. It was suppose to default to the old name if you did not put something in the description field but maybe the migration code needs to be tweaked better to do that?

thanks for the details feedback and keep it coming. So far, given the large surge in testers and the extremely minimal bug reports (and luckily nothing of any major severity) we may be really close to moving this to RC1!

#3836 deals with the rnav transient issue (tomorrow I may have a look at improving the migration code to better this but it basically takes care of the issue until you put a better description for the trunk in)