FreePBX Custom Contexts

Does anyone have this working? I want to limit which SIP extensions use which trunks and this looked like a good method but I don’t get any options etc. All the info looks like FreePBX 2.3 timeframe from a few years back. The module is still in the unsupported repository (probably for a reason).

I am simply looking for a method to have specific extensions dial out specific trunks.

Any help out there?

Thanks in advance!

The custom-contexts module does exactly what you require and is in reasonably good shape even under FreePBX 2.7. We are in the process of determining whether people will pay a bounty to get the module updated to correct a few minor issues under 2.7

Thank you for the response. I was looking at the Custom-Context which show’s up on the Tools page for some reason. I didn’t realize there was a Custom Context and Custom Context Times under the setup tab/third party addon. I was able to get it working.

Can you let me know what the issues are with custom-contexts in 2.7? It will help determine the upgrade schedule for several customers.

Thank you again.