FreePBX 2.5, Asterisk 1.6 & System Recordings

I just spent 45m banging my head against my desk trying to figure this out. This is my fourth FreePBX installation and my first one on Asterisk 1.6.

It appears that the Record() function changed in 1.6. Now if you hang up it assumes the recording “failed” and it deletes the temporary file so when you’re doing new recordings via System Recordings the files keep disappearing.

To ensure your recording is kept you have to press # then hang up. OR FreePBX’s extensions_additional.conf needs to be modified so that the new ‘k’ option is passed to Record().


hmm - I would consider reporting a bug to the Asterisk bug tracker that they changed the behavior of app_record.c with this, if previously it would save the recording on a hangup, it would seem to me that the default behavior should remain the same and instead it should have an option if you want the recording deleted upon a hangup.

In the meantime, feel free to submit a bug in the FreePBX bug tracker indicating this issue and we can look into adding the ‘k’ option on 1.6 systems to deal with the issue for now.