FreePBX - Backup and Restore


Thought I’d create a separate thread.
I was able to get a vanilla working installation of Asterisk using FreePBX I have a Production VOIP Server running Asterisk and FreePBX If I backup from the Production Server and restore into the Test server, even though the FreePBX version is, will it still work?

Also one other question, PBX in a Flash. Do you know where I can download 1.4 daemon?


The version of Asterisk does not matter. Neither do the minor point versions of FreePBX.

If I were in your position I would use the backup and restore function to build a backup of the existing system. Install FreePBX 2.5 on a virtual machine. Restore the backup to the virtual machine. Upgrade the FreePBX on the virtual to version 2.9. Now run another backup.

Install the latest stable distro (FreePBX 2.9 and Asterisk 1.8) on a new machine. Restore the backup from the upgraded VM machine. Fully test the upgrade. Now you can safely update your out of date server and use the FreePBX backup module and not have to worry about all of these issues.