FreePBX 2.5.0 and VoiceGlue 0.8

Hi Folks,

I am using FreePBX 2.5.0 and Asterisk 1.4.22 which was just running fine.

I installed VoiceGlue 0.8 on the same machine and the FreePBX stopped working.
When I click the URL below the followng message is displayed on the screen.

PHP PEAR must be installed. Visit for help with installation

And when the following link is clicked nothing shows up at all.

Has anyone tried using VoiceGlue 0.8 with FreePBX and seen similar behavior ?
If so how to fix it ? Any suggestions are greatly appreated.

Or as a final resort are there any better alternatives to VoiceGlue for VXML
processing in asterisk which I should try in order to avoid this “conflict” between FreePBX and VoiceGlue ???

My thanks in advance for the help.


Irfan Lateef