freePBX from PIAF install - no reports under reports tab

I have not found this problem anywhere on the forums - maybe you wizards can help.

This is a new (week old) install of the latest PIAF. FreePBX works great (mostly). I have two seemingly related symptoms - the first is no reports. This is not the “no data” error that others were getting. This is a blank screen with the four links in line at the top. Once, I waited 5 minutes and the data came up - but not repeatable. Repeated attempts to enter the “Reports” tab result in a user/password box that I can’t figure out how to get past.

Also, when I enter freePBX, the front page paints slowly - in particular the "Statistics’ box takes 5-7 seconds to appear. The box is a honkin Dell server with (2) 3.2 Xeons so there is PLENTY of horsepower. This does not occur the first time I enter it, only after an aborted attempt at reports.

I have freePBX on my current production PBX (Trixbox) and have used it for a few years without seeing anything like this. I’m not familiar with the workings of the sql data subsystems so if it’s in that ballpark, I could use some guidance. Thanks

A couple of things. First off update to the latest FreePBX. It should be 2.5.1.x.

Next what browser are you using. Three was a weird thing going on with the browser having a display draw issue at the very first release of 2.5.0 which should be fixed with the latest version.

Next if you are at the latest and you still get nothing at the reports screen, minimize the browser and then restore it. Does the screen repaint ok?

Good call! I actually did do the update on the framework to with no improvement. But using firefox did the trick! I am used to IE (works fine with my other FreePBX box), but I can switch to ff for now. My older FreePBX switch works fine with IE (v

This is odd - I rebooted again (3 times) and NOW IE will display reports (after I once used ff?). BUT - the Admin page is buggy - Statistics takes 5-7 secs to come up and Notices never updates.

I guess I can stick with ff for now but is there a general fix underway to your knowledge?

Thanks, fskrotzki, for your great help. --Dale

Which version of IE? They know it’s a issue but only to a very, very small select few. They were trying to figure out exactly what was causing the issue.

I am using IE version


It seems to mostly work now - can’t figure out what might be different. Thanks again for the help.