FreePBX 2.4 Intercom questions

Ideally I would like all internal calls to default to intercom, but as of right now I have the intercom feature code as #.

Dialing #221 initiates a ring-answer to my Polycom on extension 221 and the tone lasts about half a second–I’ve tried to keep the delays as brief as possible as the phone system that is being replaced was near instantaneous. (Plus there was an on-hook dial-plan, something that I don’t think exists on the Polycoms.)

The first problem is that the extension that initiates the call gets no audible feedback that the call is connected, and there is almost a second delay before the parties can hear each other. Instead of a ring-answer, I’d rather see an auto-answer with zero delay, and then after the call is connected, a ring tone played over both sides of the call to declare the connection.

Basically this is how our Samsung unit works now. Is there a way I can script this in? Really what is holding me back is figuring out how to play audio on top of a current call.

Second, transferring calls does not work when we try transfer over the intercom. In fact I had used Polycoms dial plan to add a # to our internal extensions, and it worked great… until we discovered that it broke in-house transfers.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

FreePBX 2.4
Trixbox 2.6
& Polycom Sip 3.0