FreePBX® 2.3.0beta2 - When will it be final?

It has now been about a week since Beta2 was released and aside from a handful of cosmetic bugs and a few casualties like database mode and module hooks breaking (which are now fixed) the program seems to be well on course towards a release candidate. We are in contact with a variety of sites who are running their FreePBX 2.3 systems in production, in some cases on moderate sized PRI connected installations and their feedback is a big thumbs up! We’ll give a run down of the current state and what we think will be happening in the next week or so.

At the moment we have seen over 1200 FreePBX 2.3 Beta sites. Currently over 600 of those are on Beta2 and that number rises each day while the Beta1 numbers decline as a result of the upgrades. The mix of Asterisk 1.2 and 1.4 has settled to 50%/50% so the coverage continues to be well balanced. The current stability makes us bullish about progressing to a release candidate but there are a handful of bugs that we will be reviewing before moving on. These are summarized here:
  • There is a small collection of Web Interface related bugs. They are all cosmetic in nature and are all related to the new Beta2 changes we made. These should all be addressed in the coming week.
  • There is one outstanding Asterisk 1.4 bug related to the required addtion of a call-limit setting in the sip.conf device settings. It is complicated by what appears to be and outstanding Asterisk bug - one of those issues that hurts your head to follow the progress. We need to address this - and at the same time, we are waiting for feedback from you tell us if there are any negative side effects on Asterisk 1.2 based systems.
  • There are a handful of long standing bugs, some of them with proposed solutions in the tickets. These are all pre-2.3 bugs and corner case situations but we will review the proposed solutions to determine if they are reasonable candidates to be implemented.
You can see a full report of the outstanding bugs on trac to get an idea of what the issues are and how they may effect your particular installation. That's our weekly review of the current state of affairs. If the trend continues and we address the short list, the first release candidate may be coming up very quickly! --Philippe (on behalf of the FreePBX Team)