Freepbx-2.3.0beta + unavailable extensions

I’ve upgraded to freepbx-2.3.0beta
but am having a problem with all my extensions being "unavailable"
and going to Vmx instead of ringing. The Vmx stuff seems to be working,
ie. when I call an extension I get a “Sorry I’m in the office but currently unavailable. Please press ‘0’ for the operator for immediate assistance or stay on the line to leave me a voicemail” and if I then press ‘0’ I then get patched to the operator extension.

However, none of my extensions ring at all. I always go straight to unavailable.

Please Help.

Updated the paths in

require_once $config[‘ASTAGIDIR’]."/phpagi.php";
require_once $config[‘ASTAGIDIR’]."/phpagi-asmanager.php";

if you had to do that then you have some other issue. You either have not updated the framework to the latest version followed by ‘the red bar’ or you have permissions set on dialparties.agi that don’t allow asterisk to write to it. If none of those apply, then you should supply more informations because the issue that was previously causing those errors has been removed by putting those files back in the agi-bin directory vs. the symlink that we were doing before.