FreePBX 2.3.0 and New Website Simultaneously Released

It’s Official!

We are proud to announce FreePBX Version 2.3.0 available for immediate download. We believe this latest release is the most exciting and stable release of FreePBX ever and have allowed for an extended Beta program to maximize the testing efforts before final release. In the 9 weeks since the Beta Program was officially launched we have had over 3900 active installs estimated at well over 1 Million hours of testing! That is probably more beta sites then other commercial Asterisk based telephony systems have for their entire installed base! We have closed over 250 bugs that were reported on 2.3 or previous releases. Most of these were existing bugs on FreePBX 2.2 and prior releases making 2.3 the production version of choice.

This is the first release to support Asterisk 1.4 and we hope that it serves as a platform for those who want to experiment and test the waters on Asterisk’s latest release. From what we have seen monitoring and addressing bugs, Asterisk 1.4 still has a ways to go before achieving the stability of version 1.2. If you are looking for a solid system that takes full advantage of all FreePBX features, Asterisk 1.2 is your best choice at this time.

New Website

As you read this message you may notice that we have a new website complete with Store and Support options and we have tried to consolidate all of the FreePBX information that has been around the web. You will also find a tight integration between the FreePBX product, this website and the old trac site. What do we mean by the product being integrated? Go into FreePBX 2.3 and navigate to one of you favorite GUI pages. Now click on the Help Tab at the top. If there is Module Documentation available for that screen, you will be directed to the relevant page on the website – cool!

Help us work out any issues, there are bound to be bugs! You can log bugs on our bug tracker (you need to be logged in) and categorized them under the Component: Website. Thanks!

About User Accounts

The old site had 3 places to login (excluding Aussievoip). The blog (WordPress), the Forums and the trac system. We have imported the entire Forum into this new site so if you had a Forum account then you have a login already. The trac system is integrated with a single sign on to the main site, so the old trac accounts are gone, as are the blog accounts.

What’s Next

We’ve been really busy getting ready for this launch. We look forward to the community involvement in taking what we started and making it the best ever! So start to get your feet wet and help us work out all the kinks, links and everything else that it will need to get there. The store will also grow over time as we introduce more products and options that we feel comfortable standing behind.

Great job to all devs new site is looking great!


Roger ----------------------- Take your life in your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing -- no one to blame.

it just keeps getting better …

thanks to everyone involved in this project !

I’m very impressive about the velocity at what this project is growing.
Great job ant thanks!!
We’ll help you in everything we can from Madrid (Spain).

Love the new ‘look & feel’ of both the website and the final 2.3.0 release.

Well done to all concerned and a deep felt thank you for all your hard work.