freePBX 2.2rc1 System Recording Not Working Please Help!

Hi All

I have just done an install of freePBX 2.2rc1, when I try to do a system recording *77 and then check the recording with *99 its ok, but when I go to save it this is the error I get. “Unable to add /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom/Test.wav - Can not read file!”

The custom directory exists

What could the problem be??

Still :frowning:

I reinstalled FreePBX 2.2rc1 and all is working ok.

I am having all kinds of problems with recordings. I have a fresh install of 2.2RC1 and can not figure it out.

For starters I can only upload MOH recordings if they are in the old mp3 128 format. Even when they do upload if I set it to random play the old system default recordings still play.

Also I can not get any recordings for my IVR to work. They upload but do not play. I can use system recordings so I know that my routs are set up and I am getting to the IVR.

If someone out their has figured out the problem please let me know.

Thank you

:slight_smile: It’s likely a permissioning problem.

What user is running asterisk? If you’ve manually reloaded asterisk it’s likely running under the root user. use “amportal restart” to start asterisk and you should be good to go.