FreePBX 2.2beta2 released!

It’s been a long time coming, from 2.1 to 2.2, and we hope the wait has been worth it. There’s been a whole pile of changes, so many in fact that I didn’t update the CHANGES file in the code. I’ll make sure to remember to do that before 2.2.0-release (or 2.2.0-beta2) comes out. You can download it from the usual place, and you’ll also notice that there are two packages.I’ve changed the way we distribute freePBX, back to the way it was when we called it AMP, in that we’re now bundling the modules with freePBX, to help people out who are doing a new install. There are two files now:

  • freepbx-2.2.0beta2.tar.gz for those that want a small, fast, download or just want to download their own modules, and
  • freepbx-2.2.0beta2-withmodules.tar.gz for people who want the whole kit-and-kaboodle. This if often helpful for people who are behind firewalls or don't have easy access to the internet from their Asterisk machine
The 'withmodules' package, also contains our biggest download, the Zork module, which lets you play Zork over the phone. Yes, it's not terribly good, and it does hate my Australian accent, but it is playable. There are a few prerequisites that need to be installed before it'll work though.

A couple of the more notable changes are:

  • The facelift! This actually involved a huge amount of work under the bonnet, including a totally new way of hooking modules in - eg, when you enable the Dictation module, you now configure it from the actual extension.
  • Ring Groups and Follow-Me with Confirmation (eg, you have to actually accept the call, so your voicemail doesn't steal it)
  • System Recordings allows you to chain together recordings, and use built-in recordings
  • And, a pile of new modules (Caller ID blacklisting, SpeedDials, Caller ID Lookup, Dictation, Call Parking Configuration, Phonebook, and a few more)
I've set up a Wiki page specifically for users to track existing bugs. Hopefully, when you find a bug, you'll report it and update that page.

I’ve tested the upgrade on a Trixbox 1.2.2 machine, and it worked flawlessly, so it should be quite painless. Feel free to follow the Upgrading instructions and don’t forget that Firefox is the ONLY supported browser, due to IE’s various stupidisms. There’s a handy link to download it over on the right, if you don’t have it.