FreePBX_2.210 Cisco SPA phones Attended Call Transfer to Parking Lot

Hello again everybody,
So I setup one of the buttons on the Cisco SPA phone to send a call to the parking lot as so:

fnc=sd;[email protected]$PROXY;vid=1;nme=Park

While this works, it does not tell me which extension 71,72,etc the call was transferred to just sends to the next slot. I need the user to know which slot the call was sent to, because they don’t have enough buttons to set BLF’s for 71,72,etc…

Any ideas on what to do to wait for the user to hit XFER to complete the call parking transfer or so the user can hear the message? I guess this is more of an attended transfer than a blind transfer.

Thanks a lot.


I am also trying the asterisk *2 for transferring to extension 70 for call parking, and if I can put a pause in there it may work to send to extension 70. It doesn’t seem to work either.

I can’t readily answer you question directly off the top of my head, but my method may help you:

I set up a PSK to park calls, and set up two of the line buttons as BLF keys for 71 and 72. This way when you park a call, it lights the associated line key red on all the phones. Also makes it easy to pick up a parked call, and you can always see when there’s a parked call.

Sorry, I know it’s not exactly what you needed. Hope it helps, though!

Hey all, I found a solution. Obviously the better solution would be if I had enough buttons on the phones, but I don’t in this case.

On the Cisco SPA phones do the following:

SIP tab > SIP Parameters > Keep Referee When REFER Failed:yes

  This parameter is described in the SPA500 Administration Guide.

You can now hear what extension the Call Park is being sent to.


I’ll add that to my cisco arsenal. Thanks for letting us know the solution.