FreePbx 2.2.2 upgrade path


I’m looking to upgrade our FreePbx 2.2.2 (Trixbox 2.2.4/Asterisk 1.2) installation the latest version of FreePbx. It is my understanding that Trixbox forked FreePbx and that their latest version include a different release of FreePbx. I am therefore looking at getting out from Trixbox and into a different distribution.

What are my upgrade options? I’d like to preserve my FreePbx configuration. Can I just the backup and restore module to backup from 2.2 and restore in the current version? If not, whats the best way for me to do this? I don’t want to risk losing my stable configuration, so I will most likely buy a new hard-drive and install separately.

Finally, what is the general opinion on the various distributions including FreePbx? I’m looking at Elastix - seems fairly complete with a good community. Asterisk Now! seems to be moving at a snails pace (6 months in beta???)

You should think about taking this time to learn to roll your own, with a little computer skills you can do a bare metal build in a few hours.

The docs here have everything you need,
to start load a min centos 5.x server install add nothing to the install
then use the install docs here.

To answer the backup/restore question.

The backup and restore are currently designed to backup at version X and restore to version x, while it is sometimes possible to restore to a slightly newer version 2.2 to 2.5 is way to big of a jump I think to do it safely.

There are many distros: AsteriskNow, PBX-in-a-Flash, Elastix, just to name three of the many available, Bubba is correct. you’d be better off and in more control going forward if you rolled your own.

If you want to use the backup and restore option. I’d upgrade to the FreePBX release of 2.5 first, it’s not that hard. you download it and follow the directions. There is some slight differences in how things are organized between those versions as starting at 2.4 with how it tracks extensions. Now you can’t just create one on the fly, you need to register it with Misc destinations and Misc apps. but it’s a easy thing to adjust to in under a hour.

I’d then make a backup and restore from that.