FreePbx 2.2.1 & Audio Streaming for MOH

in first time… i’m sorry for my english… is not good.
in second time…
i want to use one audio stream for moh. I tryed some examples by internet like:
or other but i dont hear nothing.
Its posssible to activate?

I been using streaming MOH, I stream it from another PC that uses a music on hold software it works fine, sometimes I do notice If I call a Queue using a sip phone if I hang up it crashes and I need to reboot my server. It tells me on the console that it’s doing last minute clean ups.

Now when streaming, I installed mpg123 and my audio files that are being streamed are MP3’s, when I started playing with this I was streaming a radio station and if the radio station played ACC or another audio format it would not connect, so MOH was dead.