FreePBX 2.11 New UI

Hi guys

Yesterday i upgraded to FreePBX framework I noticed that there were a new displays in the prelogin page, i.e. a new three choices panel was introduced. One for FreePBX Administration, User Control Panel and Get Support. When you log in, a popup instead will appear to ask your username/password to access administrative functions.

I have two things i am facing currently:

  1. By accessing the “choices panel” page, i noticed that the three options, the graphics associated with these options don’t appear.

  2. If i see the source codes in /html/admin/config.php through the browser, all (or most) of my extensions are shown there, details such as the user full names etc, also shown are the feature codes, ring groups and whatever not i’ve created, even unauthenticated.

Can you reproduce this? Or is it just me facing this? Can someone point out what’s going on with this system?

Thanks a lot!

Some version info

Asterisk: 11.2.1
Debian: 6.0.7 (amd64)

It’s not just you someone else has a post on this also. When running beta software you need to keep up with the forum posts and bug submissions.

Searching through some threads, don’t even know what search term to use for this, haha. OK, thanks for the ups…