FreePBX 2.11 Back issues & Security


New PBXinaFLASH box trying to setup the FreePBX backup process –

First question is what profile does this run under as it seems to have issues with some files in TFTPBOOT even after I chown then an there directory to asterisk.astersik

Second question, how do I add a database in the mysql repository to the backups, seems I can only specify CDR & CONFIG and I would like to add ASTERDEX and a custom Customer Database.

Finally, in working on this I think I have found an accidental security exposure, what is the process for reporting this to the team ?

TIA -- 

Oh, an it say’s “Backup successfully completed!” but there is no backup file on the target drive or on /tmp.

PBX in a Flash tanks all of our security. You can submit a bug report to Depending on the issue it may be better to submit it to the piaf folks.

For the custom tables you may need to do a hook script.
For permissions this may also be a freepbx issue. They set custom permissions to keep files the way they want them.