Freepbx 2.11.0rc1 with Asterisk 11.3.0 and Kamailio 4.0.1

Dear All,

I have successfully integrated Asterisk and Kamailio on the same box for testing, but am now facing the problem of getting Freepbx to use the same MySQL database tables.

My Kamailio and Asterisk install uses the following tables:-


However Freepbx uses the following tables.


Any idea on how I fully integrate Freepbx with my Asterisk and Kamailio configuration using Mysql?

My goal is to have a Kamailio LB to multiple Asterisk/Freepbx servers sharing the same extension and voicemail databases.

I will also probably integrate a2billing and share the a2billing database between the Asterisk/Freepbx servers to create a fully scalable solution.

Any advice most gratefully received.

Do you have a procedure for how you got this far? Care to share? I’m interested in doing something similar.

Can you share the said integration of asterisk and kamailio. tia