FreePBX Asterisk 11 No missed Calls when Answered Elsewhere

We used to run FreePBX 2.11 with Asterisk and when a call came to a queue or ring group a missed call would show on all the phones. I could use the “Mark calls answered elsewhere” option in the queue if we didnt want to see the missed calls and that worked fine.

We did a fresh install of the latestest version of FreePBX 2.11 with Asterisk 11 and regardless if I check or uncheck the “Mark calls answered elsewhere” option no missed calls show up on other phones when the call is answered. I have read a few older posts, but nothing has helped. Is anyone else experiencing this?

This happens with Multiple Types of phones as well. Aastra, Yealink Cordless and panasonic cordless (SIP)

bump - anyone have this issue as well?

Have you reported a bug at

Are you phones configured to display missed calls? When you bypass the queue, call an extension directly and hang up does it show a missed call?


Just thought I would update this post - I haven’t logged in for a while… the Aastra/Mitel 6800i series firmware version earlier than 4.2 did not support the answered elsewhere option. Just thought I would share.