FreePBX 2.10: Anyway to install it WITHOUT Asterisk?

Hi there,

Is naybody know the way to install FreePBX on a server without asterisk? The goal is to connect to an asterisk server on the network but not on the same server… we want to seperate GUI from Asterisk engine.


PS: I posted this question in IRC also, but as i never found my answer on the net, I guess somebody in the future might have the same questions in mind, so i log the answer here… as soon as I have it :slight_smile:

Sure…simply manually install both pieces of software and all the pre-requisites. AFAIK a working system will require FPBX and asterisk to both be installed on the same box not separate boxes.

There are plenty of how-to’s on the 'net, just google. Examples below…

THere is no reason why the Asterisk server needs to be on the same box.

The AMI is socket based and you can sync the config dir’s

I also want to have freepbx on a different server.
but afther ./install_amp i get a fatal error : Asterisk must be running

Muurman - Did you review the switched available to you on the install_amp script?

I have to say if you are trying to do a custom install, and don’t even look at the install options your chances of being successful are very low.

It is not a difficult task to run them on separate servers but you have to be proficient.

below the options.
The database kan be at another server. But there is no option to specify where the asterisk runs.

–dbhost Use a remote database server",false);
–dbname databasename Use database name specified, instead of ‘asterisk’",false);
–username Use to connect to db and write config",false);
–password Use to connect to db and write config",false);
–fopwebroot Depricated Web path where fop will be installed, ignored should be under module control",false);
–webroot Web root where FreePBX will be installed",false);
–cgibin Path where cgi-bin’s lives",false);
–bin Path of asterisk binaries",false);
–sbin Path of system admin binaries",false);
–asteriskuser Asterisk Manager username",false);
–asteriskpass Asterisk Manager password",false);
–debug Enable debug output",false);
–dry-run Don’t actually do anything",false);
–force-version Force upgrade from version “,false);
–skip-module-install Don’t run install scripts for packaged modules, the files are still loaded.”,false);
–no-files Just run updates without installing files",false);
–force-overwrite Don’t ask if it is ok to overwrite modified files, assume yes for all.",false);
–install-moh Install default music-on-hold files (normally doesn’t, unless “,false);
–install-fop false depricated, does nothing”,false);
–dev-links Make links to files in the source directory instead of copying",false);
–my-svn-is-correct Ignore Asterisk version, assume it is correct",false);
–engine Use the specified PBX Engine (‘asterisk’)",false);
–uid Set ownership of files to user",false);
–gid Set ownership of files to group",false);
–scripted Scripted install. Do not ask any questions.",false);