Freepbx 16 - trunk register string entry?

bit of a newb with freepbx - but where is the register string entry on Freepbx 16?
trialled older version a while ago and no problems, simple entry for outgoing paramenters and register string - but the interface has changed in v16 and either i’m missing the obvious or it’s hiding somewhere in plain sight. thanks.

In FreePBX 16, the legacy chan_sip driver is disabled by default. If you really need it, you can enable in Advanced Settings / Asterisk SIP Settings.

Otherwise, using the pjsip driver, with the defaults of Registration Send and Authentication Outbound, your trunk should register automatically. If you are having trouble, please post details.

thanks - i’ll have to pick this up again next week; got a high priority job over the weekend to resolve.
Will need to config the firewall too before hooking this up to external.
The documentation is a little sparse for v17 as yet though.

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