Freepbx 16 to TAPI

I’m using xtelsio TAPI for asterisk and Callclerk to log incoming calls into my office.

I have 4 pots lines that are routed to Freepbx 16 via a GXW410X.

When a caller calls in Freepbx sees the call on the GXW410X and runs my IVR asking caller to press 0 to reach an operator. If the caller connects then a ring group line included in the Xtelsio will pass the info to Callclerk and the caller will be announced.

My issue is how can i get Freepbx to pass the callid when the call first rings on the GXW410X? May not seem like a big deal but the 20-30 seconds from a initial callid call popup to the phone ringing gives my staff time to pull up the case and have some info on the caller.

Any help appreciated. I’ve reached out to both Xtelsio and Callclerk owners and they likewise are looking.

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