FreePBX 16 - routing, permissions and callerid override

Hi all, I have installed latest FreePBX 16
i need to configure some functions for three brands, for example(brand1, brand2, brand3):
brand1 - extensions( 100-199 ) - external number 123456789
brand2 - extensions( 200-299 ) - external number 987654321

  1. each brand can call another by a short number
  2. routing brand extensions can call through different trunks ( or\and one trunk with overriding ) CallerID number
  3. different outbound routes per each brand
  4. outbound route permission per brand extensions

on FreePBX is possible create this?

Custom Context module available in Module admin but marked as unsupported

Yes. You configure the extensions using EndPoint Manager Pro (hopefully they have a template for your brand of phones).

And routing is done through Class of Service. You assign permissions to specific extensions for specific outbound trunks there.

thx, i look about CoS Module, but EndPoint Manager if I understood correctly, working via device provisioning…it doesn’t suit me…maybe there is another way, like a custom context module?
Now, i have mixed clients with softphones and hardware( Cisco SPA [3,5]XX, Yealink )

in other post , user with nickname sorvani
tells about custom context module not needed, and sends some examples, but screenshots unavailable

Not sure what the Custom Context module is but we don’t have it and do something similar to what you’re asking.

We have four buildings here on the same FreePBX system, each has their own extension range (11xx, 12xx, 13xx, 14xx) and we also have a “department” that has their own range (15xx). Everyone can call each other just by dialing the extension.

We have a couple of different trunks and which trunk and the outgoing Caller ID is set in Outbound Routes. We use these to also set the correct address for 9-1-1 calls.

You are filter call by extension number in dial patterns?

Yes, exactly that.

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