FreePBX 16 & Debian 11: An apt Combination

See @billsimon’s blog post about his recent adventures with FreePBX and Debian


I would note that this recipe would likely work on any ‘architecture’ that Debian supports, including ARM (Raspberry’s and even android devices) and 32bit ones if you are stuck on them. (no commercial modules yet though) kudos to @billsimon


Why didn´t you merge the UCP bugfix before publishing this?

Different people handle different tasks. The PR will be processed in time by engineering.

@lgaetz, since the odbc-mariadb package isn’t available for ARM architectures, I built it for arm64, armel, and armhf. I’m not sure whether it’s acceptable to add these to the wiki (I don’t have permission), but would like to provide them either there or here.

odbc-mariadb_3.1.9-1_arm64.deb.tgz (89.4 KB)
odbc-mariadb_3.1.9-1_armel.deb.tgz (81.8 KB)
odbc-mariadb_3.1.9-1_armhf.deb.tgz (81.7 KB)


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