FreePBX 16 commercial modules are reinstalled on every update checkcom

Since I upgraded to FreePBX16 in Module Update every time I check for updates (even if I disabled the Commercial Repo Button) and I choose “Upgrade all” it always wants to reinstall all non-installed Commercial Modules which is of course nonsense as for most of them I don’t have a license and I don’t need them). This was working perfectly on FreePBX15. How can I fix this in FreePBX16?

Did you delete or only disable? Disabled modules still should be updated as they are installed.

They are not even installed. It says “Not installed (available online 16.0.x)” why does it want to update not installed modules. And I cannot disable as they are not installed. I tried disabling with fwconsole and it says “cannoit disable, already disabled” and same with fwconsole uninstall, it says it’s not installed

What was needed was to delete the locally available module through "fwconsole moduleadmin delete " and then “fwconsole reload” just in case somebody has the same problem. Whereas in FreePBX15 locally available modules were not automatically updated and installed

edit - now marked as resolved.

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