FreePBX 16 Clearly Devices Module

Has anyone using the Clearly Devices Module updated to FreePBX 16?

I received a PHP error and cannot log into the GUI – CLI seems to be fine

Posted the issue here and opened a ticket with Clearly directly – just figured if someone had already solved this might be more direct to ask here as well


My last contact with Clearly is that they were working on a fix for 16, so an upgrade will probably fix if you’re not running the most recent version. If you are, then you will need to follow up with their support.

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We have a internal build we have a few customers testing and doing our own QA on we hope to publish this week. If you want to contact support they can get you the build to test with.

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I spoke with support at ClearlyIP and they provided me with a beta module that fixed the issue

They also mentioned that the same module will be going to general availability shortly

Just wanted to close the loop on this



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