FreePBX 16: chown needed after update


after @lgaetz solved my problem (Apply Config error), my FreePBX updated core and framework.

Core is now, Framework is now

After the update, the problem returned; besides, IVR also stopped working.

I issued

fwconsole chown

as root and everything came back to normal.

Am I missing anything? Is there a way to avoid this in future updates?


Well, since FreePBX 16 is a beta, and not for production, you are missing that weird things should be reported so they can troubleshoot and fix them.

Thank you, I am not sure this is a FreePBX problem and not some errors of mine, that’s why I reported the problem and I asked for advice.

If you think this is a FreePBX problem, what should I do to report the issue?

IIRC this is not a distro install, correct? We have zero other reports of this so far.

No, it’s installed on a nano pi neo 3 (aarch64) running Armbian Focal 21.08.3. ODBC connector compiled from source, pm2 installed manually, so nothing missing in the installation. Besides, now I understand that what caused the problem the first time was the first update after installation. First time I updated via fwconsole, second time via web GUI.

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