FreePBX 16 beta available

I’m not sure how any ‘front-end’ has anything to do with the price of eggs. FreePBX is Asterisk presented to the innertubes via PHP.

Are you saying you have an alternative front end to FreePBX’ management of Asterisk that does not use PHP?

Today I spotted a new versionupgrade module and installed it.

Is upgrading only going to be supported on Distro systems? I’m (fairly) certain I have used the versionupgrade module before on my homegrown Debian installs.

Replying to my own question…

I looked through the code and see the sysadmin hooks for upgrading PHP. Makes sense.

It would be great if we could do the PHP upgrade on our own for homegrown systems.

It looks like all it does is run the script. If that were untied from the SNG7 repo it would just be a matter of running it by hand at the right step of the upgrade process.

Hi @billsimon Version upgrade module is still not fully baked yet.

As of now, yes is setting up SNG7 repo to update PHP 7.4 RPMs and then updating system/modules. We are still working on this module so not yet fully ready to give try.

PS: disabled from the mirror server as well to avoid getting module availability notifications.



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