FreePBX 16 and RestAPI

I was about to upgrade to 16 when I got this message: restapi is deprecated/not supported in PBX 16+ systems.

Well that’s a show stopper. Our whole Emergency Alerting System that I spent months writing is built around the rest api. Is this deprecation permanent? Or is the API going to be added back to 16 at some point?

There are two modules in FreePBX with API features, the restapi module (deprecated since 11? 12?) and the API module (informally referred to as GraphQL) introduced in FreePBX 15. Which are you using?

I don’t know that, other than it’s the ARI api that is on port 8088. Looks like it goes to http://freepbx/ari.
I’m on FreePBX from the distro.

I use the AsterNet.ARI package.
It uses Client.Channels.OriginateWithId to launch a call, which triggers a series of steps in the dialplan that download the emergency message and then page the appropriate ring-group.
But all of that happens locally in the dialplan, I just need SOME kind of API call to trigger the thing.

At the time, it seems that Originate was the easiest way to do this over the network.
I would actually like to replace this code, but I don’t know any other way of triggering a dialplan to execute from an outside server.

In other words, say I have a Windows server that receives emergency messages. It needs to tell Asterisk to launch a call. They are in the same rack on the same subnet. How would you send that message?

Maybe you have a suggestion?

You’re using the Asterisk Rest Interface, not the FreePBX restapi module.

Thanks for your time, Lorne.

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I’d be interested in seeing how your ARI stuff works. I’m aware of very few Asterisk ARI custom integrations for FreePBX. If its something you want to share, provide a link to a repo somewhere.

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