FreePBX 16.0.40 Wakeup calls do not work!


New FreePBX 16.0.40 installation, updated all modules, but it looks like Wake up calls operator mode does not work. Once I enable the operator mode for my main extension, and try to call into the wake up calls, it asks me to enter the extension, I enter one of the extensions from the list, but it always says you entered bad extension.

What can be done to fix this?

What version of wakeup calls? [FREEPBX-23913] Settings: add list of extensions available as "operator extensions" - Sangoma Issue Tracker

Fixed it by changing Max Destination Length to 3 digits. It was set to 4 and the PBX was waiting for me to finish entering the 4 digit extension. It’s still an issue, because even if it’s set to 4 it should time out on 3 digits and still provide the wakeup calls information for that entered extension.

The version is 16.0.8

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