FreePBX CDRs suddenly stopped showing in report->CDR Reports turned out option disabled automatically

Hi Team,

I am facing this strange issue that my option of Enable CDR logging turned to no automatically after one to two months since I enabled it previously.

Yesterday I noticed that suddenly I was not seeing any CDRs and when I checked the settings it’s set to no. But I enable it one to two months ago and I don’t know how it again get disabled from the GUI.

does anyone know what’s the reason so I can stop this to happening as this is the production server and we lose important CDRs for our Client Support teams.

It was a bug in the updates. Nothing you can do to stop it from happening.

Thank you for the answer.
I noticed the same thing and I was afraid it could be a hack.
Maybe it is smart to enable this in a new update?
Nevertheless, thank you for clarification this happening ;).

You need to manually enable the option but new updates shouldn’t disable it again.

so this is a bug and automatically disabled.

At which event this happened, so that we can atleast know after that event it will be disabled.

This happened months ago and was a mistake by the developers after releasing an update for FreePBX. The mistake has been corrected a while ago but you need to manually turn logging back on.

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