FreePBX 15 weird call behavior

I have to leave the office so I cannot put all the details now, but here’s what’s happening.

Caller A gets an incoming external call from caller B and he answers it
Caller B asks to be transfered to extension C.
Caller A transfers caller B to extension C, using a blf on Yealink t54 (blind transfer)
Extension C rings but no one is there so caller B ends up in the voicemail (fine so far)
Here’s the weird part:
Caller B does not want to leave a message at extension C so he hangs up.
Caller A phone rings back with Caller B showing on caller ID
Caller A answers but there is no one on the line since caller B hung up
It does that every single time, multiple extensions tested.

Setup information:
FreePBX 15, all module up to date with a few of them on Edge track.
Before the incoming call gets to Caller A, there is an IVR, if relevent.

Is anyone able to reproduce this issue ?

In the Full Log (not the SIP debug, I haven’t checked this one yet), the call seems to end when Caller B hangs up. There is no traces of the call going back to Caller A.


That fixed it, thank you !

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