FreePBX 15 Dropping Registration Requiring fwconsole restart

I have FreePBX 15 running on Sangoma PBX Phone System 60 hardware, Unifi UDM Pro Gateway, Spectrum, About once every two weeks I lose registration, and I have to do a fwconsole restart to reregister. It happened today, and last night I had to reboot the UDM Pro, so I am wondering if it loses connection when the FreePBX loses connection to the internet.

Two questions:

  1. Any ideas why I might be losing connection, and is there some setting that will make it reconnect on its own?
  2. Is there some way to get a notification from the PBX when it loses registration? I didn’t see anything under notifications on either or FreePBX.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Final thought, if I were to decide to move to cloud hosting in the future with vultr or something else, is it hard to migrate all of my settings over from self hosted to the cloud hosted server?

per their wiki make sure you have qualify=yes

Most people have some form of script, nothing built in.

Yes if the cloud system has FreePBX 15 you can just restore a backup

Thanks for the responses jfinstrom

I do indeed have this “qualify=yes”

That’s unfortunate. This would be a helpful, and seemingly obvious, addition to the notifications section.

I may end up trying this at some point.

Side note, a quick search will give you several monitor script examples


I have on 14 registration is fine.
Post your config?

Hello dghundt,

Mine is also fine usually, but about once a every two to four weeks I will lose registration, requiring me to restart to get the registration back. I have it set up exactly as the instructions indicate here. I have just the IP address from allowed through the firewall (both UDMP and FreePBX Response Firewall) to my FreePBX (Sangoma PBX 60), and the ports for RTP open as well. That’s pretty much it.

It may be that it loses connection sometimes when the gateway loses connection to the internet, and once the internet comes back up the FreePBX does not automatically reregister. I’m not sure.

I made some changes on the UDM Pro the other day that required a reboot, and sure enough, when it came back up we had lost our registration to fwconsole restart did not correct the issue, so I had to reboot the phone server, so there is definitely an issue when the UDM Pro loses its connection to the internet.

As this completely kills Asterisk and forces everything to re-register, no different than the reboot, your problem is not likely FreePBX.

But, that said:

Those instructions are ancient history. At the very bottom of that page is a link to the page you should be using:

Thank you for the link! I also found a video from Christ at Crosstalk Solutions that will help.

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