FreePBX 15 Voip - Fax - Chan PJSIP issue

I’ve installed a new Freepbx with VOIP - Ehiweb.
Freepbx 15 / Asterisk 18 on raspberry PI4 8GB using chan_PJSIP
Incoming call, outgoing call no issues
I want to receive fax in email and i have configured it on incoming call/extension/fax configuration.
When Fax incoming all seems going well (no warning/error visible on log) the sender receive OK on fax report but no mail for me.
if i use command “fax show stats” i can see that i have received faxs.
Where is the mistake?

Looks like you have narrowed it down to e-mail configuration.

Can you explain where i have to configure it on freepbx?
I have configured outgoing mail address on fax configuration on settings TAB

Are you getting other mail from the PBX (voicemail messages, update notifications, etc.)?

What does

Can you manually send mail?, e.g.
mail -s test [email protected]
(after typing the mail command, type just a . on the next line).

Ok, postfix not configured well but now i have another issue. I select pdf type for files of fax but i have received tif type…why?

SOLVED! module missing…
sudo apt-get install libtiff-tools


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