Freepbx 15 Voicemail issue

Since the last set of updates to the modules a few weeks ago, we have noticed that the Voicemail is not working properly. Upon attempting to check VM, *97 or any other way, we get a busy tone.
The module is up to date, I re-installed it just to be safe. ran fwconsole chown as well.
Rebooted the server as well. Nothing seems to fix this. Voicemail Admin shows the extension has VM enabled and is active. When calling and attempting to leave a VM, we are not able too, the call disconnects. any suggestions on what to look at?

I even rolled it back to previous Voicemail Module releases and still did not work

Provide call trace of failed attempt using Pastebin:

The call just gets a busy tone when dialing *97 from my phone. The call trace is not showing anything as if the call never occurred.

Sounds like a phone config issue then. The phone dial map may need work to ensure that numbers like *97 are valid dial strings.

But this works with out issue on any of our PBX14 or 13 versions. Seems to be only PBX15 is having this issue. Any suggestions on what I am not seeing

Switched the feature code to a 4 digit number instead of a *code. I can now see the attempt of the call to VM. When it indicates the VM ulaw file and messages are playing, I am not hearing them.

SSH into server navigate to the default audio sounds
downloaded all the folders and audio files off server. Deleted entire folder. Created the en folder and all sub folders. Uploaded all audio files back into the corresponding folder/folders
Ownership will show as root
fwconsole chown
Now shows ownership as asterisk
confirmed I now have audio when dialing into voicemail and can hear all the prompts with successful VM login.

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