FReepbx 15 upgrade to release candiate

A simple request,

I just got an email from my Freepbx 15 to say that several RPM’s and modules need updating. I take this to be part of the upgrade process to the 1st release candidate of FBX 15. I have been using Freepbx 15 for some time and find it fast and responsive (I run on a Sangoma 50 machine). Brilliant work by all involved.

When these RPM’s are updated, most times I know to do a reboot, what I cant understand is why you don’t issue a reboot command as part of the update process if its needed. The modules and RPM’s updates caused my FBX 15 web interface to stop working correctly, this I understand as its a major update.

Give me a warning, let me know I am gong to have to reboot, and do the reboot for me if its needed. I would rather this than getting errors because I don’t reboot myself (age sometimes wins over brains).

Is that a fair comment?

I add, for every version of FBX I have run, thank you. Is amazing how my life has come to rely on your hard work and patience…


Because this is Linux and a reboot is not always required for these updates to happen. If you update the Apache RPM, you don’t need to reboot the system. You need to restart Apache. Same with MySQL, PHP or any other services like that. It’s actually very rare that a reboot is required after these updates are run.

If the GUI is unresponsive did you check that A) Apache had been restarted as it should after an update? B) That Apache, itself, was running?

The only time I’ve seen system level updates (RPMs) require a reboot in FreePBX is when the kernel or some other major part of the OS is updated. Such as moving from RHEL 7 to RHEL 7.5. This would require an update but updating a bunch of other RPMs will 99% of the time result in no reboot required but services may need to be restarted.

So what troubleshooting did you actually perform on this or did you just reboot the server? Because the other thing is that kernel updates warn you and tell you the server needs to be restarted. Just remember a ‘yum update’ isn’t a FreePBX thing, it’s a Linux thing. It’s the same process as anyone else that is running a Linux server would do.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for coming back.

What I did (3 days ago when I noticed I had an email from my FBX machine saying that new RPM’s were available) was to first upgrade the modules in FBX15 using module admin, then update the RPM’s. The machine was running FBX 15 (a fresh install as of around 3 months ago - and kept up to date on a weekly basis). Interestingly I used the online utility ( to transfer settings from my FBX 13 machine to my new FBX 15 machine, and this went superbly, takes no time at all and I still have my old FBX 13 machine as a backup - turned off and put away safely of course).

After my FBX 15 module and RPM updates the Admin panel refused to load properly (just lots of code), so I did a chown and a reboot, and all was well…

Note the new machine is an upgraded Sangoma 50 unit (unused from new, updated with an SSD and more memory with a new quite fan).

I believe the RPM updates bought the beta FBX 15 to release candidate 15 (released last week I think). Perhaps that was why the reboot was needed…



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