FreePBX 15 Stable?

We are now starting to deploy Freepbx 14 but I see 15 is out. Is 15 stable? Wasn’t this the one with a huge GUI change?

Where do you see FreePBX 15 is out. It’s not even Alpha yet.

Maybe it’s asterisk 15. What version should we be running of asterisk?

Both 13 and 15 are currently supported:

What about 14?

14 is now ‘security fixes only’ and goes end of life in a few months

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Wow. Is it rather to downgrade to 13, or upgrade to 15?

Your choice. I would stick to LTS which is currently 13.

Thank you.
Are you aware of any issues when downgrading to Asterisk 13 on FreePBX 14 ?

No. Right now, I would consider the choice between Asterisk 13 & 15 at an even 50/50 and only give a slight edge to 13 because it’s LTS.

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According to the Asterisk Version Roadmap, Asterisk 13 will be supported until 2021, whereas Asterisk 15 will be EOL by 2019. The next LTS version of Asterisk is 16, which will come out this fall. I would stick with 13.


I have been meaning to ask if I should upgrade to 14, but I guess now I will just stick with what is working great. 13.

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