FreePBX 15 Question is DUNDi Deprecated? if so Replacement?

I was looking at using DUNDi to link all of our Freepbx 15 Server. I found a guide DUNDi_So_Easy.pdf.
Seems to be straight forward… then I thought I should see if it was deprecated.
so questions
1 is DUNDi deprecated?
2 If yes What is the alternative?

We have 26 sites each has One FreePBX Distro Server with 5 digit Extensions.

I wanted to be able to have anyone call anyone else with their 5 digit extension. DUNDi sounded like the solution.
any thoughts.

I currently have some IAX2 connections between one server and the rest so you can call our main site with the 5 digit extension but that is more complex then what the DUNDi setup looks like.

DUNDi is not deprecated - but it is extended support meaning supported by community, and rarely (if ever) receives changes. It is also not built by default, so I’m not sure if it is even in FreePBX.

is there a way to do what i am lookin for with FreePBX ?

I don’t work on FreePBX so I can’t answer that, I was just speaking from the perspective of Asterisk and that project.

sangoma owns both asterisk and FreePBX so I thought this would be a good place to ask.
any options from the Asterisk point of view?

Every one of these 26 PBX systems has unique extensions for them?

Is there a regular pattern, e.g. all extensions in a given branch begin with the same two digits, which are unique to that branch?

If not, please explain how extension numbers are assigned.

Correct, so one site will be 12XXX site 2 will be 24XXX ect

I don’t see why you would need anything special. At each branch, you have an Intracompany route that sends XXXXX to the trunk to headquarters. Calls to extensions within the branch would match in from-internal and avoid the trunk. Calls to other extensions would hit the trunk. At headquarters, you’d have a route matching e.g. 12XXX that sends the call to the corresponding branch’s trunk (25 routes in all).

I have that mostly done then. I was thinking I had to do more. The DUNDI setup looked nice because it fully meshed. not just hub and spoke. I will play with it and make sure mu routs are working.

The mesh approach will have lower latency and, if there’s packet loss or high jitter, better voice quality.

If your HQ is in Bangor and the Bangkok branch is calling Bangalore, you definitely need it. Are there great distances between sites?

We have 1g and 100mb full-duplex links between the site’s local BGP Fiber Network. nothing is over 20Km.

I don’t think DUNDi is deprecated, but it’s true that it does not get much updates, documentation is old and bit messy to understand and FreePBX does not have any proper graphical method for configuring it. However it works like charm and only thing it would need is easier methods to configure.

I have private DUNDi-network up and running with FreePBX 15 + Asterisk 16. is included in FreePBX Distro, module gets loaded only when dundi-configuration files exist. In my use case, DUNDi is utilized for roaming extensions. Every PBX have their own areacode/prefix for number space nothing special in there. Among that we have bunch of extensions which can register at any PBX in network but their extension numbers must always stay the same. Thats where dundi comes especially handy as static number routing can’t really handle that.


Thanks I am Working on a test implementation now.

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