FreePBX 15 Module Updates - Lost whole User Manager Group under Contact Management

I did all of the updates to my secondary PBX this weekend, and something happened I have no explanation for…my whole user manager was deleted, under contact manager…it’s empty… all groups are gone…really upsetting. I have backups, but that’s not the point…why did the updates do this? ALl I did was the newest set of module updates, and the contact manager got cleaned out…

Any ideas? Anyone else experience this?

Okay, the plot thickens. I can reproduce the issue. I restored my secondary PBX from my backup. And then everything is there:

However if I edit a record (in contact manager for that group, hence the arrow), The web browser tries to load the record, but then is never loaded for editing, it just sits there, loads, loads and loads.

After a few minutes, I close and reload a fresh browser session, and then ALL of my contacts are gone:

The contact manager does not seem to be a paid module, however I do know that Fax Pro, is linked to this which WAS on the primary FreePBX, and is NOT on the secondary…would Freepbx delete all the records when I go to try and edit one, because it reanalyses fax pro is NOT there? I am HOPING that’s what it is, and this is not some sort of horrible bug…

If you notice there is an Apply config, like some sort of editing has been done or some change…
My Contact Manager is

Is this happening because the original system has the starter bundle and the secondary pbx I rsstored too does not have the bundles?

Any chance anyone is seeing this? I’m at a loss…

Well, I’m still at a loss. I looked at all the starter bundle modules, and although I am not paying for them, on the secondary server they are ALL enabled, so I am NOT sure why contact manager is doing this. I filed a bug report, because this is the only thing I can see it being now. Makes NO sense to me, why would the update do this?? Everything went flawlessly…I shouldn’t have to roll back for this to all work again.

As well, the question is, do I just take the stance to NEVER update then? Because I’m just guessing what’s going to break it. I don’t do auto updates right now…because I was afraid of this issue.

Okay, so this WAS a bug. I submitted it to bug tracker. They had me:

  • Turn on edge updates under advanced settings
  • Check online for updates
  • Install the newest USERMAN (User Manager Module)
  • Turn off Edge Updates
  • Restore my backup, and all is working now.

For everyone on FreePBX 15, This is the version of UserMan or User Manager That will DELETE ALL CONTACTS, and or Clean out the User Manager Group:
userman v15.0.48 (This one is currently in the Stable Channel, and WILL clear out contacts and the User Manager Group)

One you turn on Edge updates (Remember to turn it OFF after!!) You can install:
userman v15.0.49 or userman v15.0.50 (This was the newest one in edge updates)

They are going to mark one of these as stable soon. AVOID userman v15.0.48

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