FreePBX 15 - Module issues

I am using FreePBX I upgraded from FreePBX 14.

I am trying to address an issue with some of the FreePBX modules showing up as “Enabled; Not available online”. I’m concerned that they are no longer supported, and should not be active in FreePBX 15. This is the list. I have Disabled a couple of them.

DUNDi Lookup Registry ( - Disabled
Google Voice/Chan Motif (
High Availability Services (?) - Disabled
QueueMetrics ( - Disabled

Should these be removed? Are they necessary? And why are they showing up as “Not available online”


A couple of other oddities.

PBX API Not installed (Available online:
User Control Panel ( - Newer than online version (

Is there something that I can do to resolve these issues? Should I?

Thank you very much!

DUNDI and REST API are deprecated, and unless you know you’re using them, they should be deleted. GV module hasn’t worked in ages and HA isn’t available yet in 15 so you can delete them too. Questions about QM should be directed to whomever maintains it, but presumably you would know if you needed it.

You should install the new API module, and the UCP notice will work itself out as time goes on and updates are published.

Will do! Thank you very much. I appreciate your support.

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