Freepbx 15 iso not booting on virtualbox

(Bone Marrow) #1

can not boot SNG7-PBX-64bit-2104-1.iso on virtual box on osx big sur. kernel driver not installed.

screenshots attached. any help will be appreciated. thanks…

(Greg Kujawa) #2

This link might help -->“kernel-driver-not-installed-rc-1908-error/.

(Bone Marrow) #3

i see… ok. thanks… now if only virtualbox dot org was on line…

(Greg Kujawa) #4

Wonder if it’s a “BGP routing issue” like so many instances the past few weeks. Heck, look at the Facebook service family yesterday.

(Bone Marrow) #5

yea. probably that and also mercury in retrograde. :grin: