FreePBX 15 Firewall questions

I am a system admin that inherited a FreePBX 13 system that has been running rather well over the past few years but in the next few weeks I plan to do an upgrade to FreePBX 15.

I’d like to know the best way to secure this box as my current FreePBX 13 has the firewall disabled and our hardware firewall is configured to only allow our SIP Providers IP address to forward to it.

I remember reading somewhere that the FreePBX server should be on the DMZ and the FreePBX firewall should be doing the blocking.

I would appreciate if anyone can weigh in on this.


Your current security method is fine, and if that’s working for you then I see no compelling reason to deviate from that. If the day comes that you need to provide public access, or if you move the PBX from your LAN to a public IP, then you can investigate the PBX firewall then.

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