FreePBX 15 fail when doing Warm spare backup

I’ve got two FreePBX 15 installations. Both are on Edge mode and fully updated. Following this guide: I have configured a primary and secondary server.

Running a backup job returns this error:

In CurlFactory.php line 186:
  cURL error 60: Issuer certificate is invalid. (see  

At a guess cURL is rejecting the self signed FreePBX certificate?

Haven’t tried Warm Spare on v15 yet. I don’t see anywhere mentioned that the PBX needs a non-self signed certificate.

From the error link:


The remote server’s SSL certificate or SSH md5 fingerprint was deemed not OK. This error code has been unified with CURLE_SSL_CACERT since 7.62.0. Its previous value was 51

Maybe this is it? I’m using SSH and the Machine to Machine API on GraphQL to achieve the backup job.

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